Fair Market Value

baseball cards value

When we appraise cards, we don’t give a precise condition on a 10 point scale, but rather an approximate fair market value. The fair market value includes many factors, from recent sales of the collectible in question, to the overall appearance (condition) and scarcity. This does not factor in any auction fees or other handling costs if you were to sell the card, but rather the initial asking price for your item if you were approached by one interested in purchasing your piece of sports or non-sports memorabilia.

Fair market value is always based on what someone is willing to pay for your item. Your card may say it books for $60 high, but perhaps the player is in a slump and there is a lull in the cards or items related to that player. Or, it may be a comic book that usually commands $125 in fine condition, but that comic book is going to be coming out as a hit movie in a few months – so people are going to pay $175.

Ultimately, the value of any item in the “market” is subjective, just like trying to place a number grade on the item. If you can sell something for more than what it is “valuated” at, then that is great, and you found the market value at that particular point in time!

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