Consignment Services

It’s Easier For You

Consignment and Auction ServicesSometimes consignment makes sense**. Are you too busy you find a site and construct your own auction from scratch? Are you not sure how much to ask for, or what the fair market value really is? Our consignment service fees are very competitive with the following simple structure:

Final Item(s) Price Payout
$10.00-$29.99 60%*
$30.00-$79.99 65%*
$80.00-$149.99 75%*
$150.00-$499.99 80%*
$500.00 + 85%*

*Payout percentage is based on final sale price less transaction/processing fees. Shipping is on us!

**Consignment may not be available for collections that include a large amount of common inventory.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our eBay Top Rated status gives us the lowest possible transaction/processing fees
  • We have experience online since 2001
  • No additional hidden costs or fees – we take care of images, listings and shipping
  • Virtually 100% positive feedback from both buyers and sellers

View our listings and see for yourself the professional display!

It is guaranteed to realize higher values on average than most other auction services.

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