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Roberto Clemente CollectionHaving dealt with the appraisal and sale of collections valued over $50,000, we’ve built a strong track record of trust, excellence and professionalism. Starting out using eBay and other auction sites, we’ve earned power-seller status and 100% positive feedback. Our goal is to become independent of auction sites, buying and selling through our web-site and card shows. This means better priced cards and comics and unique collectibles and memorabilia that we can bring to a targeted audience.

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Nolan Ryan 1971 Topps #513

Nolan Ryan 1971 Topps #513 - frontThe 1971 Topps set contains some great hall of famers, and Nolan Ryan is the first that comes to mind. Just four years from his rookie debut, Nolan Ryan already began striking out in the hundreds per season for the New York Mets. This Nolan Ryan 1971 Topps baseball card is worth $150 in near mint condition: the most of any card in the 1971 Topps baseball set.

About this Set

Having the black border proves difficult to find a pristine condition version of this card, or any card, in the 1971 Topps set. White nicks on the corners, edges as well as the surface can easily reveal wear and tear… well, hopefully no tears!. Also, these cards warp easily when not stored in the correct temperature and without adequate pressure applied to them. You surely have heard of one stacking books on top of cards to flatten them out (not exactly what we recommend, but same concept).


While the version here we have for sale is not the cream of the crop, having an ink mark on the back and some obvious wear, it is however priced accordingly, as are all our cards, to condition. We estimate this is G+ – VG:

Corners: Mild to moderate wear
Edges: Mild wear
Centering: Approximately 75/25 or better on front
Surface: Scratch, moderate hairline crease, ink mark on back

Own a Nolan Ryan 1971 Topps #513 vintage baseball card at 20% of near mint book value! Go to the auction here.